Csaba Kissi Archive

Quick way to test your Cron Jobs

If you create your cron jobs sometimes you would need to test them just to be sure they work properly. So you need to execute them one by one regardless of their schedule. The magic of command line makes it easy for us to ...Read More

Running tuning-primer.sh on MariaDB

Today I decided to tweak my mysql config file for better performance, so I downloaded tuning-primer.sh and tried to start the test until I noticed there is something wrong with JOIN section. Tuning primer was primarily created for MySQL and not for MariaDB. But ...Read More

Low-end VPS – RAM usage

One of the most important things for your tiny VPS is the initial RAM usage. I mean, how much RAM is used by your system. This is why I decided to test it on a low-end VPS. ...Read More

DigitalOcean Deep Review

If you are/were searching for cheap VPS hosting for your projects or looking for ways to test your project code before submitting it to the live server, probably you have already heard of DigitalOcean (DO). DigitalOcean is quite a young (2011) company located in ...Read More